Coming Soon


The Pletl Studio Membership

Our membership will be the perfect entry into the universum of our studio.

Get the newest informations earlier than everyone else, receive free gifts and access to exclusive events.

(Coming next year)

What benefits do I have with being a member?

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-enjoy exclusive events and content
-get tickets to the most exciting exhibitions and concerts
-automatically take part in NFT giveaways
-receive amazing free gifts
-support your favourite artists

How can I be a member?

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There are two ways of becoming a member:

1. Buy an showcased artwork at a Pletl Studio exhibition or receive a Poster. We will then send you a free membership card!

2. Buy the membership card directly at our OpenSea account

When will the membership card be available?

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We are planning to launch the membership by the end of this year. Stay tuned!