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Opening of our gallery in October

Opening of our gallery

Pletl Studio will open a new location, our new gallery, built to showcase artworks in the long term.
It will be the location for various events and the centre of the Pletl Studio universe.

Opening: In October

Late Summer Feelings / 29.08.-19.09.2022

Late Summer Feelings

curated by Firu and Emi

The exhibition ' Late Summer Feelings ' will open on Monday the 29th! We are proud to showcase a wide range of amazing artists including Mariko, Esuyu and Mugimika!

The exhibition will be about the most important part in our lifes: Emotions

We will use each artwork to talk and discuss different emotions and feelings, curated by our new curator Emi and by Firu

Opening: 29.08
Last day: 19.09

IRON SHIRON / 01.07.-26.08.2022


a solo show of kenta_vision

curated by Firu

Our upcoming exhibition will be a carefully curated solo show of kenta_vision, who uses futuristic AI technology for the creation of his artworks. The works are merging the traditions and developments of Japan together and create an impact about our understanding of the future and how we adapt our culture to it. He challenges us to rethink, with his works, that have a cyberpunk-like appearing. 


The gallery will open on the 08.08.2022 

Products of the IRON SHIRON Exhibition

Print, framed #02

Poster Print #03

Tote Bag #07

T-Shirt #06

Exhibition Neko / 01.07.-15.07.2022

Exhibition Neko

curated by Firu

With the artists: Omayu, Mugimika, MaruNeck, gimo, okioki2525 and Celcikecli

Our newest exhibition will be fully dedicated to cats, exploring the anatomy and presence of these cute and graceful animals.